How to glue ABS/PVC pipe

Tools Required

  • Hacksaw
  • Knife
  • ABS glue or PVC glue for the proper pipe
  • PVC primer if gluing PVC pipe
  • Rag

Steps Involved

  • Cut the pipe to the proper size with a hack saw. Remember to account for the length of pipe that will go into the fitting.
  • Remove burrs and rough edges with a knife from the cut piece.
  • Fit all the pieces together without any glue to insure they line up and are the proper length. If all is well then take them back apart.
  • If your using PVC(white plastic pipe) you must use primer on the ends of the pipe and inside the fittings.
  • Apply glue to the inside of the fitting then to the end of the pipe. Insert the pipe and give a 14 turn.
  • With a rag wipe off the excess glue.