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How To Rough-in A Toilet

In this article you will learn the steps and plumbing information required to rough-in a toilet(water closet).


What's In A Plumber's Tool Box?

Explore the full list of tools they carry to every job.


Installing A Bathtub

This article will cover all of the steps required to install a standard alcove bathtub and shower combination.


Washing Machine Plumbing Installation

Installing the plumbing connections for a washing machine is a fairly straight forward...



How To Calculate Rolling Offsets

A rolling offset in a plumbing system is when a pipe changes in both the...



Plumbing Pipe And Fitting Symbols

For reference purposes, here are some two dimensional plumbing symbols...



Plumbing Math - Formulas And Tables

Math unfortunately is part of being a plumber or any other skilled...

About Us At Plumbing Help



At Plumbing Help the goal is to provide you with some vital information so you can decide if a plumbing job is too big for you to accomplish, and also to insure those you hire are doing it correctly.

Although a licensed plumber may be a touch on the expensive side, installing your own plumbing pipes and fixtures incorrectly could end up costing you much more. Leaks could cause damage that can rival a fire for repair costs and improperly vented fixtures could allow toxic gasses to enter your home.

If you decide to tackle a plumbing project on your own and run into trouble, just check out our articles or ask for help with your plumbing problems.

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