Do I Need A Plumbing Permit

What Requires A Plumbing Permit?

The easiest answer to this question, is just to call your local municipality and ask if the work you are planning to do will require you to draw/obtain a plumbing permit. Every municipality has different rules, and if you're caught doing the work without a permit, you will likely be fined.

Plumbing permits are not there to be a burden on you, but rather to protect you from unsafe building practices. Even if you decide to hire someone to do the work, you should still be aware of the requirements for a permit.

Most municipalities will allow homeowners to do their own work, but will expect you to have a plan and may require drawings before they issue a permit.

General Rules

  • Any addition or renovation to your plumbing system will require a plumbing permit.
  • A repair to an existing system using like materials and sizes will not usually require a plumbing permit.

Here is an example of the required information.