Plumbing Tools – Equipment List

What's in a plumber's tool box?

Basic Plumbing Hand Tools

Tape measurespacerClaw hammerspacerHack sawspacerVarious adjustable wrenches
Multi tip screwdriverspacerBall-peen hammerspacerRegular and stubby screwdriversspacerNeedle-nose pliers
Vise grip pliersspacerSide cuttersspacerCold/wood chiselsspacer2ft level
Allen keys imperial/metricspacerSocket setspacerFiles, round/flatspacerCrow bar
Shovels, long/shortspacerTin snipsspacerStep ladderspacerCaulking gun
Safety, Gloves/goggles/ear plugsspacerSledge hammerspacerFlashlight, small/largespacerDrywall knife/ box cutter
TrowelspacerHand sawspacerHole saw kitspacerWire strippers

Plumbing Hand Tools

Mini pipe cutterspacerRigid Mini pipe cutterspacerMedium copper pipe cutter 2"spacerCopper pipe cutter
PEX CrimpersspacerPex crimping toolspacerPEX cinch ring crimperspacerUltrlock pex cinch ring crimper
PEX CrimpersspacerPex crimping toolspacerPEX cinch ring crimperspacerUltrlock pex cinch ring crimper
Steel pipe cutterspacerSteel pipe cutterspacerPVC Hand sawspacer PVC Saw
Spud wrenchspacerSpud wrenchspacerFlaring tool kitspacerFlaring tool
Pipe wrenches 6"/10"/14"/18"/24"spacerAluinum pipe wrenchspacerOffset pipe wrench 14"spacerOffset pipe wrench
Offset hex wrenchspacer Offset hex pipe wrenchspacerStrap wrenchspacerStrap wrench
Cast iron snap cutterspacerSoil pipe cutterspacerBasin wrench / telescopicspacerTelescopic basin wrench
Torpedo levelspacerPlumber's torpedo levelspacerPipe extractorsspacerPipe extractors
Pipe tapping toolsspacerPipe tapsspacerRatcheting pipe threading setspacer Ratcheting head pipe threader
Internal pipe wrenchspacerInternal pipe wrenchspacerPlastic tube cutter/ scissor typespacerPlastic tubing cutter
Internal pipe cutterspacerInternal pipe cutterspacerSpring benders various sizesspacerSpring bender
Pipe reamerspacerPipe reamer inside / outsidespacerTorch head / Turbo torchspacerTurbo torch for soldering
Sparking igniterspacerFlint strikerspacerGasket cutter / punchesspacerGasket cutter
Fire extinguisherspacer Fire extinguisherspacerFaucet seat extractorspacerFaucet seat extractor
Faucet seat refinisherspacerFaucet seat refinisherspacerFaucet handle pullerspacerFaucet handle puller
PlungerspacerPlungerspacerSink plungerspacerSink plunger
PO wrenchspacer Drain wrench - PO wrenchspacerspacer

Plumbing Power Tools and Shop Equipment

Reciprocating sawspacerJig sawspacerCircular sawspacerAngle grinder
Hammer drill / concrete bitsspacerPortable pipe stand/ pipe visespacerCordless drill / spare batteriesspacerAngle drill
Handheld power threaderspacerPower threaderspacerSewer augerspacerCloset(toilet) auger
Drill type auger/ hand spinnerspacerMedium auger/ K50spacerGarden hosespacerExtension cords
Electrical multi-meterspacerSump pumpspacerThrash pump/hosespacerGenerator
Metal detectorspacerWelding and cutting equipmentspacerPipe freezerspacerPipe thawer
InspectionspacercameraspacerCore drillspacer

Consumable plumbing materials

Teflon tapespacerTeflon Tape used as a thread sealantspacerLead free solderspacerLead free Solder used on potable water joints
50/50 solder (Drainage)spacer50/50 solder used for drainage (DWV)spacerSand clothspacer Sand Cloth for cleaning copper pipe and fittings
Flux / soldering pastespacerFlux soldering pastespacerGasket materialspacerGasket material
Siliconespacer100% silicone caulkspacerFitting brushspacerFitting brush used to clean copper and brass plumbing fittings
Nails/ screwsspacerspacerCopper strappingspacerCopper strapping for hanging pipe
Pipe dopespacerPipe Dope used as a thread sealantspacerPlumbers puttyspacerPlumber's Putty

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