How to repair a garden hose

A really good garden hose can be quite expensive, just to throw it away when it springs a leak. Below are some inexpensive repairs that anyone can do at home.

Tools And Materials You May Require

  • Hose clamps
  • Male hose end
  • Female hose end
  • Hose coupling
  • Rubber hose washers
  • Hose quick connectors
  • Screwdriver
  • Utility knife

Replacing Garden Hose End

Rubber replacement hose washerIf the connection on the garden hose leaks or sprays than all you need to buy are new rubber hose washers. Pull out the old one with needle nose pliers and replace.

If the end of your garden hose is broken, cracked or bent you can easily replace it with a new end. Just head down to the local hardware store and pick up the proper replacement end. Male ends have the threads on the outside and female ends usually connect to the hose bib with internal threads. Make note of what size your garden hose is (1/2", 5/8", 3/4") but if you are unsure get a 1/2" connector.

With a sharp knife or utility knife cut off the broken garden hose end over something flat. utility knife Place a hose clamp over the hose and insert the barbed hose end into the hose, if it's hard to push in apply a little dish soap to the barbs. Then tighten down the clamp with a screwdriver. Male hose end replacement

Repairing A Garden Hose With A Coupling

If your hose has a leak in the middle you can repair the leak for less than a couple of dollars with a coupling and a couple of hose clamps. Hardware stores will sell garden hose couplings but they are often large and made of plastic, making them prone to breaking again. What I find works best is a 1/2" PEX coupling.

Cut the garden hose directly over the leak with a utility knife. utility knife Place a hose clamp over each cut end of the garden hose. Insert the coupling into each end using a little soap if it hard to fit in. Tighten down the hose clamps and check for leaks. PEX coupling to repair garden hose

Garden Hose Quick Connectors

Garden hose quick connectIf your constantly changing ends on your garden hose, you may want to install quick connectors. Some of them simply thread on to the end of your hose and some require you to cut the end off to replace.