Whole House Iron Filters

Many homes are adversely affected by high mineral content in their water supply, but this is easily remedied with a proper filtration system. One of the most common complaints with well water is the amount of rust in the water, which can stain fixtures and make clothes look dingy.

whole house backwashing iron filterThe solution for rusty colored water is to install a whole house backwashing iron filter on the main cold water supply, which will filter the water through a special sand filter and remove the rust and also manganese. The filter will come with a timer that automates the backwash cycle to purge any trapped particles inside the filter body so it stays maintenance free. Large amounts of water will be discharged during the backwash cycle, so the installer must have access to a drain that can accommodate the water.

Models can usually be found in the 1 cubic foot and 3 cubic feet canister types and generally range in price from 500-1000 dollars.

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