Plumbing Symbols – Valves

For reference purposes, here are some two dimensional plumbing symbols illustrating valves and mechanical devices. All drawn by me using If there are any other symbols you would like to see just ask on the forum.

More types of plumbing symbols:

Plumbing and heating valve symbols

Gate valve symbolGate valvespacerIsolating valve symbolIsolating valvespacerGlobe valve symbolGlobe valvespacerBall valve symbolBall valve
4 way valve4 way valvespacerbackflow preventer symbolBackflow preventerspacerCheck valve symbolCheck valvespacerDrain valve symbolDrain valve
Air separator symbolAir separatorspacer3 way mixing valve symbol3 way mixing valvespacerDiverting 3 way valve symbolDiverting 3 way valvespacerflow check valve symbolFlow check valve
Manual air vent symbolManual air ventspacerMotorized valve symbolMotorized valvespacerPressure reducing valve symbolPressure reducing valvespacerPressure balancing bypass valve symbolPressure balancing bypass valve
Pressure relief valve symbolPressure relief valvespacerSpring loaded check valve symbolSpring loaded check valvespacerMotorized 3 way valve symbolMotorized 3 way valvespacerMotorized 4 way valve symbolMotorized 4 way valve
Thermostatic valve symbolThermostatic valvespacerThermostatic 3 way valve symbolThermostatic 3 way valvespacerCirculator symbolCirculatorspacerCirculator with isolating flanges symbolCirculator with isolating flanges
Expansion tank symbolExpansion tankspacerFloating air vent symbolFloating air ventspacerPressure gauge symbolPressure gaugespacerTemperature gauge symbolTemperature gauge
Thermo-pressure gauge symbolThermo-pressure gaugespacerPost indicator valve symbolPost indicator valvespacerFloat operated valve symbolFloat operated valve symbolspacer3 way plug valve symbol3 way plug valve symbol
Diaphragm valve symbolDiaphragm valve symbolspacerButterfly valve symbolButterfly valve symbolspacerPowered valve symbolPowered valve symbolspacerReducing valve symbolReducing valve symbol
Needle valve symbolNeedle valve symbolspacerFlanged valve symbolFlanged valve symbolspacerspacer