Plumbing Symbols – Fixtures

Here some graphical floor plan symbols illustrating plumbing fixtures. If there are any other symbols you would like to see just ask on the forum.

More types of plumbing symbols:

Plumbing fixture symbols

Bathtub symbol Bathtub spacer Bidet symbol Bidet spacer Double compartment sink symbol Double compartment sink spacer Handicap lav symbol Handicap lavatory
oval lavatory symbol Handicap lavatory spacer Oval lavatory symbol - type 2 Oval lavatory symbol – type 2 spacer single bowl sink symbol Single bowl sink spacer Urinal symbol Urinal type 1
Urinal symbol - type 2 Urinal type 2 spacer Wall hung water closet (toilet) symbol Wall hung water closet (toilet) spacer water closet (toilet) symbol - type 1 Water closet (toilet) symbol – type 1 spacer water closet (toilet) symbol - type 2 Water closet (toilet) symbol – type 2
Shower head symbol Shower head spacer Hot water tank symbol Hot water tank spacer Drinking fountain symbol Drinking fountain spacer Column shower symbol Column shower symbol
Corner Shower symbol Corner Shower symbol spacer Shower stall symbol Shower stall symbol spacer Eye wash symbol Eye wash symbol spacer Eye wash symbol - type 2 Eye wash symbol – type 2
Wash fountain symbol Wash fountain symbol spacer Wash fountain semi-circle symbol Wash fountain semi-circle symbol spacer spacer

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