Backflow Tester’s Responsibilities

A certified backflow prevention assembly tester is required to perform all testing and repairs to backflow preventers that he/she is hired to maintain, and will be responsible for the following:

  1. A backflow tester must make accurate field tests and ensure all repairs are made to return the backflow assembly to service, as well as fill out appropriate reports documenting the serviceability. Forms should be filled out in triplicate(3 copies) with the customer, municipality and yourself receiving a copy.
  2. Be competent and capable of using the required tools and test equipment that may be needed to service backflow prevention assemblies.
  3. If a backflow preventer requires service the tester is responsible to provide the customer with the proper repair parts and the maintenance.
  4. Must use only original manufacturer replacement parts when repairing backflow preventers.
  5. The tester is responsible for the accuracy of the tests and shall perform them himself.
  6. The tester is responsible to ensure that the backflow device is the acceptable minimum standard for the hazard it’s being used for and no additional hazards have been installed in the downstream system.
  7. It is the responsibility of the backflow tester to inform the customer of inadequate backflow protection for the on site hazards.

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