Backflow Test Equipment

There are several types of backflow test equipment available from multiple manufacturers, but they will all get the job done. Illustrated is the Watts line of testing equipment, as those are the testers that I use and have had good luck with(personal preference).

TK7 - water column test kit

Model TK-7 Backflow Preventer Test Kit

  • made to test the individual check valve modules of the Watts Series 7, 709, and 007 residential dual check and double check valve assemblies
  • Shatterproof plastic sight tubes

TK-9A - backflow test kit

Model TK-9A Backflow Preventer Test Kit

  • compact portable device
  • made for testing all reduced pressure zone backflow prevention assemblies and double check valve assemblies
  • Accuracy is +/- 2%

TK-99D - digital backflow test kit

Model TK-99D Delta Lite Backflow Preventer Test Kit

  • Compact digital tester
  • Tests – RP, PVB, DCVA
  • Accurate to 0.25%
  • Max 200 PSI

Caring for Your Backflow Test Equipment

  • Always open and close the test valves/ports on a back-flow preventer before attaching your gauge to remove dirt
  • Always drain your gauge and lines after use
  • Never leave your test equipment in a subzero temperature environment
  • Equipment must be annually inspected and re-certified by a technician
  • While testing is in progress, open valves slowly, so that the pressure within the testing device does not “Spike” or “Hammer”. This sudden increase in pressure could potentially harm your testing equipment.

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