Installing A Whole House Water Filter

The quality of water in your home is important; for obvious reasons, and making it better will only require a little time and money. Many people on municipal water supply are unhappy about the discoloration of their water, taste and odor and would benefit from a water filter installed on the main cold water line. People; like myself, on well water tend to have more water quality issues, but the main concern for well water is the contamination from bacteria such as Ecoli.

Types Of Water Filters

  • Cartridge type filters - Remove sediment, rusty discoloration(only a little), odor and taste.
  • Ultraviolet water filters - Kills harmful bacteria and viruses from the water and are installed after a cartridge type filter providing cleaner water.

Cartridge type water filters

Household water filter - cartridge typeCartridge type filters are used primarily to remove sediment from the water. There are several types of filters available that vary in size of the pores and application. Replacing a cartridge filter

Types of cartridges
  • Ceramic cartridges - remove bacteria and viruses by filtering the water through microscopic pores in the ceramic cartridge, but because the pores are so small they tend to clog up faster requiring frequent cleaning. These filters are usually installed after a sediment filter and are best suited for point of use applications; such as a drinking water faucet.
  • Sediment filter cartridges - removes coarse and fine sediment from the water, protecting the fixtures in your home from clogging up with sand for example. Available sediment cartridges:
    • 1 Micron - extra fine sediment
    • 5 Micron - fine sediment
    • 30 Micron - coarse sediment
    • 60 Micron - extra coarse sediment
  • Charcoal type filters - Activated charcoal filters reduce unpleasant odors, tastes and chlorine.
  • Lead filters - removes up to 97% of lead in water along with reducing odors, taste, and chlorine.

Ultra violet water purification

Ultravoilet water purificationA very cost effective way to ensure your home's water is germ free. The ultraviolet light kills water born contaminates as they flow though and comes with an audible alarm in case of failure.

Installation instructions

Complete installation instructions and diagrams can be found at: Rainfresh