Replacing a Water Filter

Inline water filter - rainfresh cartridge typeDepending on the water quality in your home standard sediment water filters can last between a couple of weeks or as long as six months. Replacement of an old water filter is done either on a schedule or when reduced water supply is noticed.

A sediment filter simply traps particles of dirt and debris while allowing water to pass through, but as the filter's pores become filled a significant reduction in flow will be noticed. My own home is cursed with high iron content from a shallow well and; depending on the season, can become clogged in only a few weeks.

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Steps for replacing the water filter

  1. Shut off the water on the supply side of the filter. If there isn't a valve directly before the filter find the main shut off.
  2. Open a faucet and relieve the water pressure from the line(or the filter casing will be very difficult to turn off).
  3. If there is a second shut off valve on the downstream side off the filter close that as well.
  4. Removing dirty water filterPlacing a bucket under the water filters casing, twist and pull on the casing. Let the casing and filter fall into the bucket.
  5. An optional step is to flow the line with a bucket directly under the opening of the filter body. Because the filter will slow the water's velocity a few full flow bucket fulls can remove scale and sediment from the section of piping between the filter and well/water supply.
  6. Installing a new water filterInsert the new filter with the open end up and replace the casing, twisting into place.
  7. Keep the valve downstream of the filter closed, quickly open the supply side valve to help seal the casing.
  8. (optional)Put a sticky note on the filter's casing as a reminder of when it was last changed.