Plumbing Math Pipe Offsets

To calculate plumbing math pipe offsets using 45 degree and 22 1/2 degree elbows use the following chart.

Plumbing Math Pipe Offsets

To use this chart simply multiply the known side by the corresponding number to find the missing value.

Side to find spacer Known side spacer 45 degree offsets spacer 22 1/2 degree offsets
travel spacer offset spacer 1.414 spacer 2.613
offset spacer travel spacer .707 spacer .383
run spacer offset spacer 1.0 spacer 2.414
offset spacer run spacer 1.0 spacer .414
travel spacer run spacer 1.414 spacer 1.082
run spacer travel spacer .707 spacer .924

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To learn more on the type of basic math commonly used by plumbers in the industry, check out this informative video:

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