Lost Ring Down the Drain

Retrieving a lost ring / item in the drain

Removing the sinks trapA very common trouble call for plumbers, "Help I lost my wedding band / engagement ring down the sink drain!" Of coarse this would be cause for concern but it may not be necessary to call a plumber in order to retrieve the lost ring or whatever else went down the drain.

Tools you need

  • Channel Lock Pliers
  • Bucket

Steps for recovering your lost item

  • Do not run any more water down the drain. This may cause the item to be flushed further down the drain.
  • Place a bucket under the trap under the sink.
  • Using your hands or a large jawed pair of pliers remove the trap by loosening the trap unions.
  • Dump the trap into the bucket and look for the ring or lost item.
  • If the item is not in the trap it may still be in the piping system of your home but will likely require a plumber to use an inspection camera to find it, and even if it can be located it may be very expensive to retrieve.

*Unfortunately if the item you've lost went down the toilet or bathtub there is a good chance it's long gone since they both have lots of water doing down the drain.