Plumbing shop foremen


Due diligence in your shop could make all the difference if the worst ever occurs. Take a few minutes each week and train your employee’s on the equipment and hazards that are around them.

Five minute safety is a great site for finding a wide variety of talks. Once a week before everyone goes out on the job, take five minutes out for one of these safety talks and have them sign it, so if an accident does occur you can prove that you are trying to be a responsible employer.

Work place safety inspections – Once a month perform a though shop safety check and document it. Here is one you can print.

Supervisors’ checklist for new employee’s – Every new employee should be given a thorough briefing about the workplace and it’s safety procedures. Here is one you can print or edit.


Upgrade your employee’s training regularly. Contact your local Code authority for information on Code update courses.

Courses such as confined space and first aid should be redone every 2-3 years to limit your liability.

There are also financial gains to be made by training your employee’s, with courses such as Cross connection control and free seminars from various trade reps.

Apprentices are the future of the trade and a valuable resource to you, so ensure you challenge them to upgrade their knowledge and employ them in such a way as to fulfill there OJT books.

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