Plumbing Exam Study Questions

Plumbing Exam Study Questions:

Are you preparing to write the plumbing exam? Preparing to write the Inter-provincial plumbing exam? Test your knowledge with the plumbing exam study questions that I prepared for this potential Red Seal Practice Exam that I created. Many of the questions have been on recent Red Seal plumbing exams.

Test #1 Plumbing Practice Exam (PDF)

The test below was graciously created by W. Hal Hokanson( to test your DWV knowledge and code implementation.

Test #2 DWV Sizing and Knowledge Test (PDF)

Below are some other potential plumbing exam study questions and topics that have been found on recent plumbing exams.

  1. What is done to a Natural Gas line after Installation?
  2. What is the rough to center of flange for a close couple toilet?
  3. What is the Control Voltage between 115v and 24v zone valve transformer?
  4. What is the minimum offset distance in a horizontal piece of pipe which has 60 FU?
  5. Where is the circulator on a hot water boiler installed?
  6. What is the first thing done after installing drainage piping in a home?
  7. What is the minimum amount of backfill over septic piping?
  8. Know various things about AC units; such as where is an AC unit vent installed in a wall?
  9. What are the wires in a 4 wire zone valve designed to do?
  10. Know your Survey Readings and calculations.
  11. Know Pipe Slope Calculations.
  12. Know how to size water and drainage lines.
  13. How is the drain of a Water Dispensing Fridge hooked up?
  14. How is vertical piping suspended?
  15. What is the distance between hangers on 6″ Cast Iron pipe?
  16. What is wrong with the pump installation if the pump turns on immediately after running water?
  17. What pump is designed for shallow well applications?
  18. Where is the jet in a deep well pump located?
  19. If a septic field is located 50m from the tank up a hill, how would the effluent be distributed?
  20. What is the pressure on a 6″ gate valve if the line pressure is 60 psi?
  21. What is the Safety Valve pressure on a 150psi working pressure HWT?
  22. What is the reason for a Pressure Relief Valve to leak on a Hot Water Boiler?
  23. What would increase the length of flush for a Urinal?
  24. What is the measurement for two back to back toilets roughed in with 5 1/2″ wall between?
  25. When would it be ok to tie a floor drain into a Leader?
  26. Where is the drain from a sump pump tied into?
  27. How many showers can be installed using one drain?
  28. Minimum distance between shower heads?
  29. What type of Backflow preventer is used for Medium Hazard with no treatment?
  30. What Backflow preventer cannot be tested?
  31. How is copper attached to steel to prevent rusting?
  32. What would be done if the test punch of a Hilti didn’t mark the metal?
  33. What would be done with the Hilti is the pin was damaged?
  34. What is meant by malleable?
  35. How much would copper pipe expand if the temp increased by 50 deg C?
  36. What could be done to a toilet to stop condensation?
  37. What fixture should be completely impervious to water?
  38. What determines the size of the piping from a well?
  39. What determines the size and design of a septic system?
  40. What is the weakest type of pipe weld?
  41. What type of pipe doesn’t use fitting allowance?
  42. What joins laboratory glass pipe?
  43. What drawing would be used to determine how many clevise hangers to use for a job?
  44. After installation of a medical copper line, how is the pipe cleaned before use?
  45. What type of solder is used on domestic water lines?
  46. Pipe offset calculations.
  47. Rain water Leader Calculations and tables.
  48. How would you secured ready rod to a concrete ceiling?
  49. Know where to find Rod Thicknesses in code book.
  50. Know how to figure out sump pump liter per second calculations?
  51. How is testing done to water lines in freezing temps?
  52. What is the maximum length of a fixture outlet pipe on a double compartment sink?
  53. What is the maximum distance between fixture and grease trap?
  54. Know about oil interceptor; including size of vents, how many, etc?
  55. How high does a vent terminate on a sun deck?
  56. What is the distance a vent can be installed from a property line?
  57. What is the grade at which pipe is graded in a septic field?
  58. What is the maximum distance for one way rodding on a 4″ line?
  59. What should be installed in a man hole after 1 meter depth?
  60. What is the maximum pressure for domestic water?
  61. What size hole would be needed for a 3″ pipe with 1″ insulation, and 1/2″ expansion allowance?
  62. What is installed on a Roof Hopper?
  63. What is required in order for a Building Trap to be installed?
  64. What Backwater Valve is prohibited?
  65. If part of the drainage system is subject to backflow, what and where could be installed?
  66. What is the vertical distance the drainage from a WC can be?
  67. What is the maximum degree change on a kitchen sink, before installing a cleanout?
  68. What is the main purpose of a siamese connection?
  69. Where is the Fire Line Connected?
  70. If a bypass is installed around a meter, what size is the piping?
  71. What type of bolts are used to mount the toilet bowl to the flange?
  72. What would be the easiest system design and installation for Zone Valve placement?
  73. What is needed installed in a home before installing a condensing boiler?
  74. What is needed to be installed for a building drain?
  75. What size is a 4″ Vent Header increased to before exiting a roof?
  76. Know how many Roof Drains are needed if using Flow Controls?
  77. What is used on a Heating System to allow for expansion and contraction?
  78. What is used on a Cooling System to allow for expansion and contraction?
  79. What is installed on fixture drain if below grade?
  80. What is the minimum pipe size for water distribution?
  81. Where is the flow control installed in a hydronic system?
  82. What allows for air to enter around laterals in a septic field?
  83. What is the indication for hard water?
  84. How does a water softener convert hard water?
  85. What is the natural means to power a water pump?
  86. What is the lift on a shallow well pump?
  87. Where should a fin tube rad be installed in a room?
  88. What is the reason for clear water during a boiler blow down?
  89. What is the maximum change in direction in a circuit vented branch?
  90. Calculate the distance between 6 double vented urinals on a wall, equally spaced?
  91. What can a double TY be used for?
  92. What are the sizes of Nominal Pipe Size? (Don’t confuse with National Pipe Thread)
  93. When repairing a rusted cast stack above concrete floor, what should be done first?

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