Water Heater Sediment Cleaning

Hot water tanks are easily neglected until they finally stop working, but this maintenance tip is so simple there really is no excuse not to clean out the sediment from your water heater.

Some signs and symptoms of sediment in your water heater are; sulfur smell, popping sounds and discoloration of the hot water.

Well water is notorious for containing a lot of sediment but municipal water supplies are often less than perfect as well, containing scale and rust. Even if your homes water supply seems perfectly clear there will still be some sediment on the bottom of your tank from the anode rod as it corrodes. Cleaning out the sediment from your hot water tank on an annual basis will greatly increase it's life expectancy and is very simple to do.

  • Attach a garden hose to the drain cock at the base of your tank and run the other end to a floor drain or bucket.
  • *Note - the water will be scalding hot*
  • Open the drain and let the water run until its clear. If there was very little discoloration you can flush the sediment less frequently.